My Background

(discover what makes me qualified)

about me

I am J. Lisa Maronie, a talented, versatile freelance writer with a flair for describing products, services, and protocol in a straight-forward manner that leaves no stone unturned. My prose is concise and easily understood so that your audience walks away with full comprehension…no matter if they are new to or quite familiar with your (fill in the blank). I thoroughly convey need-to-know information and persuade users to take action or accept change by spelling out benefits and/or consequences.

I got my professional start in communications in 1999 when entrusted to write SAP training manuals and HR policies and procedures for a Fortune 500 company – subjects I had no previous knowledge of (hint, I catch on quickly). I next worked for a financial services company and learned about bankruptcy, financial software, e-training, collections, and employee and community relations, where my passion for bettering my community was born. I went on to work for two non-profits, championing human services before returning to the corporate world in a safety and HR capacity, communicating to my employer’s contingent workforce at several southeastern manufacturers. Most recently, I worked as a communications contractor in the IT departments of a global digital industrial company and leading tire manufacturer.

Complex subject matter does not intimidate me; in fact, I welcome the challenge.

My civic engagement has consisted of serving as marketing/communications chair/board member for several non-profit organizations where I maintained websites and social media accounts, created monthly newsletters and marketing collateral, and took event photos. I was also responsible for ongoing and campaign communications for a city councilwoman.​


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from East Tennessee State University. My professional communications experience includes working in corporate, HR, IT and marketing capacities for Fortune 500 and major companies across engineering, power, manufacturing, financial services, and aerospace industries, as well as for non-profit agencies providing human services.

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