Rampant Abuse of Apostrophes’


I’m offended. People (reporters too) are abusing apostrophes and putting them where they don’t belong. An apostrophe’s purpose is to indicate possession, not plurality (usually, the “s” takes care of that). Another use, according to Google, is to indicate the omission of letters or numbers, such as you’ll (you will) or ’17 (2017).

Take a look below and see if some of your pet peeves appear. If they don’t, let me know what irks you.

Violations I’ve run across recently

Back in August, Savanah Nabors’, a former assistant to Sheriff Lewis, made accusations of sexual assault against him in a public blog post. – WYFF
Savanah’s last name has an “s” on the end. There’s no need to place an apostrophe after it unless the statement was, “Savanah Nabors’ neighbors are out-of-town.”

The Sansbury’s opened their dining concept almost six years ago. The Sansbury’s will open in their new space across the street from downtown Spartanburg’s new AC Hotel in early January. – Upstate Business Journal
The Sanburys are a married couple who own a dining concept, but in the sentences above, they are merely subjects.

The event celebrates mother’s of excellence.
It’s just a group of mothers who happen to be excellent; they don’t own excellence.

I checked ID’s at the festival.
Plain ole IDs will suffice. The writer checked more than one identification card. It’s as simple as that. You’d apply the same logic to SUVs or VIPs.

Which of these logo’s do you guys think looks the best for my personal branding?  
The logos don’t possess anything. They’re just multiple logo options, people.

3 thoughts on “Rampant Abuse of Apostrophes’”

      1. More than amusing, it’s extremely witty. So witty I rarely recommend it to anyone unless I know they are serious lexophiles. You seem just the type to appreciate it 🙂


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